Different Types of Carpeting and Cleaning Methods

There are different classifications of carpets that most people are not familiar with. Mostly, they are classified according to the place of origin. However, if you need the help of a professional cleaning service, there are diverse methods of classification that can help you establish your choice. The technique of production is the most important manner of classification. The following are some construction methods that play a role in determining the cleaning technique to use.


This construction method makes use of supplementary welt thread. Further, on, various knot methods are used to attach them to a wrap. This type of carpet does not easily spoil when cleaning and it is sturdy. This means that you can clean it using any method without the worry of tearing it.


This category of carpets is made used an object known as a loom. Fortunately, the two styles can be merged into one carpet thanks to latest technology in the carpet industry. In many cases, various colored yarns create complex designs on every carpet. The limitations of this method are the inaccurate designs and inconsistencies, and the slow pace of production. This results in a higher price compared to other models. In order to prevent possible damage, the hiring of a professional cleaning service should be considered.


For the effect to be stronger, the producers put tuff into a base material then merge it with a similar base. These types of carpets have a lower price compared to the other models and are commonly used for commercial purposes. Professional help is only required when the carpet size is large or requires serious assistance.


This one is commonly found in places that have a high traffic such hotels. The mixture of fork and barb needles with single fibers describes the process of production. This model is more reliable than others are and its durability is unquestionable. In this regard, regular vacuuming of the carpet is required due to heavy traffic that leads to dirt build-up.

Other fabrics

In some cases, the materials used in production determine the classification. For instance, strong carpets suitable for places with heavy traffic are made using nylon. Next to this, a more famous material among manufacturers that is a cheaper alternative is polypropylene. Dirtier situations are best suited with the acrylic because cleaning them is faster. Colors get to last for long because of the polyester preservation.

In this regard, before you commence with cleaning your carpet, you have to do some research to avoid possible damage. Applying methods that can clean the carpet appropriately prevents you from dealing with a worn out carpet in the future.

A time duration of about 6 months is necessary before deep cleaning. However, cleaning your carpet more often is allowed depending on the situations. If you want to remain healthy, make sure a clean working environment is preserved.

Cleaning your carpet is one thing and letting your carpets be cleaned by professionals is another thing. Having clean carpets means that you pay well and you will not lift even a finger. You are advised to search for an efficient and trustworthy carpet cleaner that knows how to deal with every type of carpet.

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